WOOD / ORIGIN: French Oak / German Oak / Austrian Oak / Slavonian Oak
SIZE / TYPE: 6 hl Prestige Selection, oval
STAVES: 52 mm
DIMENSIONS: 115 cm (Height) / 82 cm (Ø Bilge) / 125 cm (Ø Head)
DELIVERY TIME: Approx. 6 months

EQUIPMENT (included):
Wooden Door with Silicone Gasket
Stainless Steel Partial Drain with Ball Valve
Stainless Steel Full Drain with Ball Valve
Piston Tap Taster
Wooden Stand

Rectangular Stainless Steel Door
Stainless Steel Top Manway 150 mm / 200 mm / 220 mm
Cooling Panel with Thermowell
Ball Valve Tap Taster
Murano Glass Bung 1,5 l
Ladder Fixation
Thermometer (analog)
Painted Hoops / Painted Stands

6 hl - 60 hl

In order to produce these premium large format casks and vats, our master coopers exclusively use finest selections of hand-picked and seasoned oak. Based on decades of experience in traditional cooperage handcraft combined with passion and expert knowledge, we manufacture products of the highest quality on the market. The oak used will be seasoned outdoors for a time frame of at least one year per cm wood thickness in order to have bitter tannins washed out. So we guarantee that the oak gets optimized and deliver excellent natural aromas. To ensure perfect micro-oxidation abilities all casks receive a sealing with pure natural oils and waxes.

NOTE: Our products are only sold to companies or traders following § 14 of the German Civil Code. Consumers are clearly excluded from completion of a contract! Actual barrels / casks may differ from displayed sample images!

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