SPEZIFICATION / ORIGIN: Armagnac / Gascony, France
WOOD: French Oak
SIZE: 420 l
AGE: 15 years
DIMENSIONS: Approx. 116 cm (Height) / 85 cm (Ø Bilge) / 70 cm (Ø Head)
DELIVERY TIME: Approx. 15 working days

In contrast to Cognac, Armagnac is distilled in a single distillation process and is the traditional alternative to Cognac. We obtain our Armagnac barrels from the small, elite and family Armagnac producers from all over Gascony and can therefore always guarantee the best quality.

DOWNLOAD: Guidelines for Used Barrels

NOTE: Our products are only sold to companies or traders following § 14 of the German Civil Code. Consumers are clearly excluded from completion of a contract! Actual barrels / casks may differ from displayed sample images!

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