WOOD: French Oak
SIZE: 225 l
AGE: Approx. 10 years
DIMENSIONS: Approx. 95 cm (Height)/68 cm (Ø Bilge)/57 cm (Ø Head)
LASER BRANDING (barrel head): Please select the option above and email us your logo file separately to [email protected] stating the order number. 
SANDING: We also offer you the option of sanding the outside of the used barrel (please select above).
DELIVERY TIME: approx. 30 working days

These French oak barrels impart deep, layered notes of caramel, spice, and fruit. You will appreciate its smooth texture and the intricate balance of flavors that include hints of molasses, vanilla, and exotic fruits. 

The Guyana Rum that was aged in these premium casks is a rewarded spirit known for its rich and complex flavor profile. This rum was distilled in Guyana using traditional pot still methods, which contributed to its robust and full-bodied character. The tropical climate and fertile soils of Guyana provide ideal conditions for growing high-quality sugarcane, which is the primary ingredient in Guyana Rum.

DOWNLOAD: Guidelines for Used Barrels

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