WOOD/ORIGIN: European Oak
SIZE: 225 l
DIMENSIONS: 95 cm (Height)/69 cm (Ø Bilge)/57 cm (Ø Head)
LASER BRANDING (barrel head): Please select the option above and email us your logo file separately to [email protected] stating the order number.
DELIVERY TIME: approx. 30 working days

Barrel toasting is a fertile ground for innovation, and thus, the unique and patented technique called GRAND AROMA TOASTING (GAT) has been pioneered.

GAT embodies a completely natural process, utilizing fire-toasting of oak barrels infused with specific aromatic woods and botanicals. These carefully selected elements release rich aromatic compounds and essential oils into the oak barrels under precise temperature and environmental conditions, granting us unparalleled control over aroma and flavor profiles. This meticulous approach unlocks a diverse spectrum of flavors for spirit maturation.

After an extensive three-year research and development journey, we've gained profound insights into the unique interactions of each aromatic element during the toasting process. This knowledge empowers us to unlock individual aromas, enhancing the essence of spirits within premium oak barrels.

GAT proudly holds the ISO22000 food safety certification.

Our pilot partner projects have yielded remarkable results, breathing new life into sectors within the rum and whisky industries.

GAT streamlines integration and enhances the maturation process. Within a mere 4 to 6 months, specific flavors can be achieved and harmonized within spirits, eliminating the need for artificial flavoring. Our GAT oak barrels are meticulously crafted to complement a wide array of spirits, including rum, tequila, brandies, whiskies, and more.

With GAT, the possibilities are limitless. You have the freedom to craft your spirit masterpiece from an endless palette of flavors and aromas.

Feel free to reach out to our sales team to delve deeper into your options. We encourage you to infuse your own ideas and local woods/botanicals into the mix. Our experts can conduct maturation trials and simulations using your spirits, all under the protection of an NDA agreement.

In the ROASTED GRAINS category, you'll encounter notes cocoa bean and coffee. These evoke new aroma profiles, unlocking previously unattainable possibilities in spirit maturation and aging. Mix and match flavors to create your desired blend with confidence.

     Kategorien: Grand Aroma Toasting

We also offer to combine flavors from across categories. Please contact us about this!

NOTE: Our products are only sold to companies or traders following § 14 of the German Civil Code. Consumers are clearly excluded from completion of a contract! Actual barrels/casks may differ from displayed sample images! Net prices per unit ex works. Subject to availability.

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