PRODUCTION: France/ Italy/Slovenia
WOOD/ORIGIN: Wild Cherry/Hungary/Slovenia
SIZE: 100 l - 600 l 
TOASTING: Light/Medium/Medium +/Heavy
LASER BRANDING (barrel head): Please select the option above and email us your logo file separately to [email protected] stating the order number. 
DELIVERY TIME: Approx. 30 - 40 working days

The wood of the wild cherry or sweet cherry is of medium weight and has medium-sized pores. It impresses with its strongly fruity and sweet-sour taste profile. All kinds of spirits and distillates appreciate the extraordinary characteristics of this wood and develop itself into great products.

Our high-quality spirit barrels are carefully handcrafted by our international master coopers according to our customers requirements and needs. Only after complete quality control the barrels will be prepared for shipping and sent to our customers.

100 L: 69 cm/59 cm/52 cm
125 L: 70 cm/63 cm/57 cm
225 L: 95 cm/69 cm/57 cm
250 L: 95 cm/74 cm/59 cm
300 L: 104 cm/75 cm/62 cm
400 L: 108 cm/84 cm/69 cm
500 L: 116 cm/89 cm/74 cm
600 L: 116 cm/98 cm/83 cm

DOWNLOAD: Guidelines for new barrels

NOTE: Our products are only sold to companies or traders following § 14 of the German Civil Code. Consumers are clearly excluded from completion of a contract! Actual barrels/casks may differ from displayed sample images! Net prices per unit ex works. Subject to availability.

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